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Berlin Christmas Markets with toddlers

Dear parents, travelling for Christmas and visiting Christmas Markets in Berlin is a great idea. Just wait and see what we have prepared for you. All you need to do is follow our instructions, and you'll be able to actually enjoy these Christmas holidays.
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Travelling with a toddler to Berlin for Christmas

Since you are a proud parent of a two-year-old, you have learned one thing. Your child is the boss now. And he's making the schedule. You have entirely adopted his routine and you life might have turned upside down for a bit. Your identity has shifted for the better and you have become more flexible, organized, and prepared for almost everything (extra dippers anyone?). But just in case, we have made a list of things you need to do before you head to Berlin this Christmas:

  • First things first. Pack efficiently. If your toddler is already potty trained you won't need diapers. Otherwise, don't overpack and buy diapers when you get to Berlin.
  • The same goes for toys. Your toddler will be occupied with a new place and new faces. She will need time to adjust. That's why she won't need tons of toys to keep her busy.
  • Bring lots of snacks everywhere you go.
  • If you hire a car, make sure you pick the car that has a child seat.
  • Childproof a room. Buy electrical outlet covers to secure electrical cords. Check for all the sharp edges and childproof them with table corner covers.
  • We suggest you rent a place with a kitchen. This way you'll be able to save some money and most importantly, you won't be losing your temper when waiting for the food in a classy restaurant.
  • In the end, you can read all the guidelines in the world, but you know best what you and your child need. Trust yourself and your instincts!


Berliner Weihnachtszeit at Roten Rathaus - Alexanderplatz

Indulge in German Christmas Markets this holiday season. There are plenty of Christmas Markets in Berlin, from the one at Potsdamer Platz, Christmas Market at the Charlottenburg Palace, and the Spandau Christmas market in the western side of Berlin. But since you're traveling with a toddler, we suggest you visit Berliner Weihnachtszeit at Alexanderplatz. Why? This one is made for families. Here you'll find Ferris wheel, small farm with animals so your toddler can ride them, feed them, and cuddle them. Not to mention Santa Claus. Santa visits this market three times a day, and your little one can take pictures with him.

Must-dos in Berlin with a toddler

 • If your child loves animals Berlin ZOO is a must. With more than 20.000 species, your kid will be able to see American Bison for his very first time or feed the Giraffe and Elephants. 

Labyrinth Kindermuseum is where your toddler will most surely have the time of her life. Climbing, running, jumping, everything allowed. Plus, you can bring your own snacks. 

• Berlin has numerous creative and unique playgrounds, but since it's winter the most appropriate one is an indoor playground Bim & Boom. Extremely safe playground, so you don't have to worry if your toddler has zoomies and is running around like crazy. 


Days go slowly, but years rush by. Enjoy every moment with your child in Berlin!

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