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BARBADOS: Exactly where you need to be. Right now!

Imagine yourself in a hammock on a beach in Barbados right now, enjoying the sun and listening to the calming rhythms of the sea. All of this can become a reality if you want.
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Why now?

Because frankly, you don't really have any justifiable reason not to visit it now. Barbados is a tropical paradise with generally warm and sunny weather. The average daytime high temperature is 30°C / 86°F, and this Caribbean island has over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. It does experience rainfall and rainstorms, but they don’t start until June and only last until October. Besides, they’re very refreshing and much needed. And if you’re a hopeless romantic, you might find this extremely charming as well.


Additionally; top season just ended, so booking a vacation in Barbados right now or until September can save you a bit of money and enable you to have a calming and unforgettable experience.


What for?

Still not convinced? OK, we will point out a few reasons in case we are dealing with a tough crowd.

Because you’re a hipster

Or you want to be. Or you like them. Or you just appreciate a good beard. Let’s explain this. Barbados was originally called ‘Los Barbados’, meaning ‘the bearded ones’. The first Portuguese explorers who sighted the island way back in 1536 saw an abundance of indigenous bearded fig-trees dangling with their long, aerial roots that made the trees look like they have beards, hence the island was named ‘Los Barbados’. ‘Barbados’ actually means ‘beards’ in the Portuguese language.

Because you want to be a pirate

Come on, everybody wants to be a pirate, at least for a day. And what do pirates like the most? Yes, you guessed it - Rum! The fine rum brand named Mount Gay Barbados Rum is one of the oldest and world-known rums in the world. It is over 300 years old! And you won’t have to face the same problem that our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow did with his famous “but why is the rum (always) gone?” line here. Oh no, there’s plenty of rum here, so drink up me hearties yo ho! And don’t do anything your mom wouldn’t want you to do.

Because it’s so obvious - Beaches!

  • Crane Beach is probably the most favoured beach by both locals and visitors. Its impeccable beauty and complete tranquillity deserves the number 1 spot. The sand is pink and soft, it’s like walking on a cotton candy. It’s perfect for anyone; families, couples, solo travellers... Everybody loves the touch of a light breeze and getting kissed by the warm Caribbean sun.
  • Bottom Bay Beach is a wide beach with white sand, coconut palms and hollow reefs. How about a picnic under coconut palms?
  • Batts Rock Beach is perfect for long walks. The water is calm and the area is surrounded by reefs. Easy swimming and memorable snorkeling!
  • Miami Beach is more crowded but still worth visiting. You can rent beach chairs and an umbrella and buy snacks and drinks from the local vendors. If you like surfing, you have to check the two amazing surf sports - South Point and Freights Bay close by.
  • Sands Beach is popular among windsurfers and kitesurfers. White sand and waves - what more could you ask for?


Because you want to explore and have fun

There are so many things to do and see in Barbados- adventure tours, nature tours and much more! Read more »

You can also see some of the lovely towns and villages such as the coastal town of Oistins, just 2 minutes away from Miami Beach, or the port city Bridgetown, both on the south coast. On the southeast coast you have the Crane Village set on the beautiful Crane Beach. The scenic fishing village Bathsheba on the east coast is rich in vegetation. The historic Speightstown and Holetown on the west coast also deserve your time.

Because you’re a hippie

Here we’re not only talking about flowers but about the island’s vegetation in general.

Cotton trees, palm trees, bamboo trees, nutmeg trees, Baobab trees (there are 2 Baobab trees there- the big one is planted in Queen's Park in Bridgetown, and the smaller one is on Warren's Road in St. Michael). There’s also plenty of colorful flowers that bring that warm and welcoming splash of color to the island. Very tropical and captivating. Read more »

Because you’re an animal lover

This island has some funny-looking and bizarre creatures! Apart from green monkeys, which are pretty funny-looking, turtles, birds, lizards, frogs, toads and the smallest snakes known to man, you can easily see a Mongoose. This is a Weasel-looking furry animal with brown-gray fur, short legs and a slender, long body. And very curious indeed - it will scamper to your car without a care in the world. We mustn’t forget about the Flying fish – in reality it doesn’t exactly fly, but it glides. It can jump out of the water and glide for 30 to 50 meters, which can last for up to 45 seconds at the speed of 70 kph / 43 mph! And it pairs up great with Cou-Cou or veggies on the plate.


Because you like eating yummy food

The food alone is a reason good enough to go there – fresh seafood is the base of most menus and if you love seafood, you have to try their specialty, the Flying fish accompanied by Coucou.

“Bajan” cuisine is a mixture of European, Asian and American cuisine. So you can have a taste of just about anything; from seafood to scrambled eggs! Although it is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but this island proves that their cuisine is very much appealing, admired and accepted by both genders. Hurray to food gender equality!

Bottom line: Barbados has the highest rate of returning visitors of any Caribbean island and that says a lot, if not all. Will you become one of them? :)

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