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Babymoon – last chance for romance

Are you ready for a babymoon? Your child in on the way. Hurray. This is your last chance for romance for the next couple of years. The last hurrah before the baby comes. The last chance to go on a babymoon.    This are the things you will find in this article: Babymoon destination ideas California – due date: summer Florida – due date: winter Sicily – due date: summer Rhodes (Greece)– due date: summer Babymoon Spa Packages The Spa Orlando, Orlando, Florida Ambrosia Urban Spa, Barcelona, Spain Belly Love Spa, Coral Springs, Florida Atriumplatinum Spa, Rhodes, Greece All inclusive babymoon Vacations for pregnant couples
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What is a babymoon vacation?

You're probably in your second trimester. That's when you know the gender of your child. And you don't look like planet earth. Yet. These are probably your last days of peaceful sleep for the next 3 years. So get some. If you think you don't sleep so well, wait 'till the baby is born. Only then you'll start to realize that your nights of pregnancy were actually the best nights of your life. When your son or daughter is born you'll read all the books on sleep training and hire a sleep consultant. Yes, maybe you can't sleep on your tummy anymore, maybe you sleep only on your left side, but that can not be even remotely as bad as your sleep will be once your baby is born. No matter if you choose bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, your baby will wake up at night. A lot. He will fight going to sleep and your day will begin at 3 am. Forget parties and dances. Forget that »easy in the morning« mood. Forget your »fabulous you« with matching clothes, great non-greasy hair smelling fantastic. Those days are over after childbirth. 

That's why NOW is the time for you&your partner to relax, enjoy, have fun, be a bit crazy (but not too much), and travel. Go on a babymoon.  

Babymoon destination ideas

Let us first define a babymoon. Babymoon is similar to honeymoon, except for one small detail, your child is on the way. Babymoon is a romantic interlude when you're pregnant, but usually before the 28th week. Babymoon is the time&place that you'll remember when you'll be all covered in pukes, with your bags under eyes hanging down like cocker spaniel ears, and way before your poo obsession kicks in. 

As you can see it's not so much the questions: »Why should I go on a babymoon?«, but »Where to go on a babymoon?«. When travelling pregnant, with all the mood swings, nausea, swollen arms and legs, possible hemorrhoids, it's all about the perfect destination, accommodation, and temperatures. When you're pregnant you need comfort, you need fresh air, you don't want it to be too hot or too cold. 

Now, let's see the best destinations to choose when considering a babymoon. 


California – due date: summer

It's time for a babymoon to begin. Best time to visit California while pregnant is in spring. The temperatures are just perfect for expectant mothers, and it's not too crowdy. California is great for pregnant couples for numerous reasons. The sea, the coast, the climate, and laid-back vibe. We suggest you hire a car, so that anything is accessible. Since food is now a big factor for you, LA is a great option, since there are plenty of restaurants offering healthy, organic food. If you want to know a bit more, read our post on the ultimate California road trip

Florida – due date: winter

For relaxing time, make it Florida time. Florida is a very comfortable place during the winter months. When expecting and looking for romance one of the best places to be is St. Augustine. You can take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride or relax at the St Augustine beach. Why not hire a car and take a road trip to Miami? This is the time when you can stay out way too late with your hubby, so do it. Miami is the best place for a night on the town. 

Sicily – due date: summer

If you hire a car in Catania you'll facilitate a lot for your trips around the island. Since you're pregnant you're probably hungry all the time. That's why Italy is the place to be. Sure, you'll have to skip non-pasteurised cheese and prosciutto, but there's always pasta: Bolognese, Siciliana, Lasagna, Pesto Genovese, all you can eat. But it's not just because of food that Sicily is worth visiting while pregnant. Babymoon in Sicily is great because of its seductive beaches, romantic sunsets, and cute villages. Hire a car and explore this beautiful island at your own pace.

Rhodes (Greece)– due date: summer

Culture journey through cobbled streets of old villages, picturesque bays, frescoed churches, and castles is a winner for your babymoon. We suggest you rent a car in Rhodes city for your babymoon. You need to visit Lachania while you're there. It's a charming village marked by its lovely cafes, beaches and walking trails (long walks in the forest are great for you and your baby, as well as swimming in the clear waters of Mediterranian Sea).

Babymoon Spa Packages

Why not book a weekend in a Spa? It's gonna take a lot of time to get Spa treatment again. Plus, now's the time that you do need to relax, get that pedicure done (because here comes the time when you won't be able to reach your toes), and of course prenatal massage. The best babymoon SPA Packages are available here:


The Spa Orlando, Orlando, Florida

If you've already chosen your destination and the destination is Orlando, Florida, you should check their SPA. Prenatal massage costs 115 $ for 75 minutes and it will help you relieve pelvic pressure, back pain, spine compression, swelling, and shallow breathing – all of which may be the side effects of your soon to be a child. This way you'll be able to enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.

Ambrosia Urban Spa, Barcelona, Spain

Ambrosia in Barcelona offers blends of organic products, exquisite ambient, and unforgettable experience. Enjoy your pregnancy with a little help from their masseurs and get the immediate sense of physical and mental wellbeing. For only 60€ per hour.  

Belly Love Spa, Coral Springs, Florida

Belly Love Spa has it all. They will remove all that extra hair (which is growing uncontrollably during your pregnancy), do a facial, or other body treatment. You can even get 3D ultrasound here. Right after you get the pictures of your baby, you and your hubby will get the massage of your life for only 260€. If you're on the go, you can get polish renewal manicure&pedicure and express massage for 100 €.

Atriumplatinum Spa, Rhodes, Greece

Revitalise and recharge is the moto. »Glowing Mother To Be« is the treatment designed for you. It will help you treat the muscle aches, and reduce fluid. The massage and facial combine into pleasure melting away fatigue and revealing a radiant you. 90 € for 90 minutes of special treatment. Totally worth it. 


All inclusive babymoon

Now more than ever you want to be treated like a princess. Because we want you to have a peaceful babymoon, we searched for some of the best nests for your vacation. These hotels will cater to the needs of you and your future baby. 

  • Dolce CampoReal, Lisbon

A Hotel with 3 swimming pools, 4 restaurants, a spa, and luxury rooms and suites is everything you need right now.


Dolce CampoReal Lisboa

Rua do Campo

Turcifal - Torres Vedras, Portugal 2565-770

Local: (351) 261 960 900

Toll Free: 1 (866) 599-6674

  • Casa Angelina, Amalfi Coast, Italy

At Casa Angelina, they will cater you with all sorts of stuff. Extra pillows, room service, yoga classes, and massages.


Casa Angelina

Via Capriglione, 147

84010 Praiano

Amalfi Coast, SA


ph +39 089 8131333

fax +39 089 874266

  • SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

There are numerous programs at this wellness clinic: stress management, healthy nutrition, and healthy living academy, all of which will help you get that inner balance you need. 


SHA Wellness Clinic

Carrer del Verderol

5, 03581 L’Albir


(+34) 966 81 11 99


  • La Royal Monceau, Paris, France 

La Royal Monceau offers Spa treatment, 23-metre swimming pool, organic food, and received the Code Nest Traveller award for the best International Spa. 


Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris

37 Avenue Hoche

75008 Paris, France

+331 4299 8800


  • Villa Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Unwind in the peaceful surroundings of Villa Dubrovnik, indulge in a mood-altering massage and sample delicious treats as you admire the scenery and prepare for your new arrival.


Vlaha Bukovca 6

20000 Dubrovnik


Tel: +385 20 500 300     

Fax:  +385 20 500 310


Vacations for pregnant couples

Surely you want that last taste of freedom before the baby comes. Because: "When your first child is born is the most terrifying day of your life. Your life as you know it is gone. Never to return." (Lost in translation)

And as you can see there are numerous destinations and resorts just made for all the pregnant couples out there. Surely you will find one that suits you best. And we really didn't want to scare you with that first quote. Because your children will be amazing once they learn how to walk and learn how to talk and you will wanna be with them. And they will turn out to be the most delightful people you'll ever meet in your life.

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