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Best apps for your Faro trip

Are you planning on visiting Faro this year? Faro is an excellent choice since the prices here are reasonable, the sea is astounding, and the architectural diversity of this town will astound you. But, traveling can be complicated. There are one million things to keep in mind. And you just can’t handle or remember them all. That’s why smartphones were invented. And there are lots of applications for your phone that will help you get through your holidays stress-free. We did some research and checked which apps are best for those who choose to spend their holidays in Faro.


Top 5 Faro apps

  • Triposo - The Portugal Travel Guide will help you find almost everything you're looking for. Triposo will guide you through the Faro town and provide you with all information about its nightlife, restaurants, city walks and tours. Want to know where is best cocktail Bar in Faro? Just ask Triposo.
  • TripIt - The days of searching for your airline ticket through your pockets are now gone. TripIt will connect all of your bookings into one straightforward guidebook. Your whole trip with car rental information, hotel, airline is now synced with your calendar. Maps and directions included.
  • Packing Pro - Travelling with children means you will have to deal with tantrums, health questions, wondering when and where to go. Well, at least one thing we’ve got covered - and that is packing! Packing Pro enables you to make a list of everything you need for your day-trip, road-trips, camping in Faro and more.
  • Portuguese language is easier to learn if you already know Spanish and Italian. But even so, Portuguese language has some Gallaecian words that will make your head hurt. So, the best app to travel without a headache is Bravolol. No internet access required, it is easy to manage and not that it only shows translations, it also pronounces Portuguese phrases. 
  • Parkopedia is a perfect app for those who have hired a car and are in constant search of a parking space. Parkopedia will find it for you. All info you need, to have a stress-free trip with your hired car, is here: location of a car park, number of spaces, prices and a type of a car park.

Getting around Faro


Now there is no way you will get lost in Faro, we recommend you hire a car at the Faro airport and start exploring. Faro won’t let you down since it is packed with historic and cultural masterpieces. For those who are more of a nature enthusiasts, Faro beaches are a must. Portugal is as compelling as it is contrastive. Start in Faro and take a road trip. Believe us, the coastline and all the ancient cities along the way will bedazzle you.

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