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6 road trip friendly games you can play with your kids

Making memories with your family and spending some quality time together is what we all want. Perfect way to do it is to go on a road trip. But we all know that after a while of sitting in a car kids can get bored, and if they are bored...nothing good can come out of it, right? So keeping your children busy and engaged is crucial for pleasant drive. Check the list of road trip friendly games bellow, because most probably...you're going to need it!
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1) Keep A Straight Face

Choose a player who has to keep a straight face no matter what. They have to name a simple object that they see, for example: “a tree”, “daddy’s nose”, “car radio” and so on. Then ask him silly questions at which he must always reply with the word he chose, but he has to keep a serious face.

The questions could be:

  • What is your favourite food?
  • How would you name yourself if you would come to the planet Earth as an alien?
  • Who is your best friend?

The player always has to answer with »daddy’s nose« for example and keep a straight face all the time. As soon as they smile, they lose. Then it’s your turn.

2) The Rhyming Game

Someone picks a word to start with, such as “game”, “cookie”, “rock” and so on. The next player has to repeat that word and come up with another that rhymes with it.

If you want to make this super challenging, ad the additional rule that every player has to say all the rhyming words from the first one on. In that way, it’s going to be harder and harder to remember all the words. That person who cant remember all the words or cant find the new rhyme, looses and has to star all over again with a new word.


The first person starts a conversation with a letter A, and the next person has to answer with a sentence that starts with B and so on.

For example:

  • Person 1: “Apricots are delicious.”
  • Person 2: “Better than salad.”
  • Person 3:  “Congratulations, I agree with you!”

And so on…

4) Funny math

Call out the numbers on the license plate in the car in front of you and see who can add up the numbers the fastest. Whoever answers correctly gets one point. The winner is the one who reaches 10 points the quickest.

5) The Song Game

The oldest person has to hum a tune of a song and others should try to name the song as fast as possible. The person who guesses the name of a tune correctly wins and then it’s hers turn to hum a new tune.

6) I spy …

Probably this is the most classic game of all time. If you want to play, look around choose an object (a landmark, forest, building…). Then you say: “I spy…with my little eye…something that begins with (insert the first letter of the object’s name).” Other players in the car should try to guess the object you chose. If you want, you can help them with some clues like saying “I spy…with my little eye…something that is (insert the colour of the object)” or “I spy…with my little eye…something that is made out of (insert the material of the object).”

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