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12 Must See Travel Destinations

Looking for new ideas for your next travel? You can find them here. Regardless of what were your new year's resolutions, “traveling more” goes great with every single one of them. By being happier and stress-free, your health can improve, you can drop some weight, and this can even give you an opportunity to spend more time with your spouse, friends or children. Ok, yes, we are kidding. But do we really?
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Traveling more is not just for your soul, it can literally change your life, widen your perspective, relieve stress and teach you what is really important in your life.

So take your notepad and calendar and start marking those time blocks that you can turn into traveling zones.

12 must-see destinations 

January – New Zealand

Situated almost 2000 kilometers east of Australia, New Zealand is pretty remote land, and it was one of the last ones that were discovered by human. Similar to Australia, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, and the Galápagos Islands, this island country is super rich in biodiversity and a true eye-catcher.


Summer lasts from December to February, so you can prolong your trip to late February if you want. You will be enchanted with endless green slopes, volcanic rumbling, world-class quality of vine, dairy and meat, and natural and historical abundance. Car hire is available in all major towns and is the best way to explore this country.

February – Mexico

In November rainy season stops and the summer begins. Then you’re good until June. Mexico is like a really big Vegas – really hot, no rules apply, and hotels and sighs are theatrically unfamiliar to the foreign eye – but not because they are fake, like in Vegas, but exceptionally real, full of history and unexplainable secrets.


One of the most famous sights in Mexico is El Castillo, massive Mayan – mathematically designed pyramid in Yucatan.


They say that this amazing sculpture is a representation of the Mayan calendar. Each side has 91 steps, which altogether makes 364 steps. With a platform on top this makes 365 “steps” of a solar year. Every equinox people from all over the world come to see the dance of the shadows on the stairs of this impressive history mark.

March – Martinique

Martinique is a Caribbean Island that accepts many sun-needed tourists from December to April. It’s one of the most known destinations for those that just have to escape grey, cold, moist weather of the continental climate.


Volcanic, turquoise and white, super friendly, and divers. This is Martinique. One of the best features of Martinique is that everybody can find something of their choice there. Nature offers you rainforest, mountains, bays and beaches, but most importantly, this island offers you an experience you will never forget.

You can visit the museum of volcanology, that was founded in 1932, you can enjoy exquisite meals in classy or crazy restaurants, you can scuba and snorkel your heart out, you can visit Habitation Clement, where you can taste local rums and experience true Martinique culture, and yes, endless sugar sandy beaches awaits.

April – Barbados

Barbados is another Caribbean Island that always offers something for every taste and budget. You can opt for Atlantis Submarine adventure, that enables you exploring the great blue depth without getting wet, you can join The Sandy Lane Gold Cup, which is most popular horse race in Southern Caribbean, you can party with beautiful Caribbean ladies or indulge in Caribbean culinary.

May – Ireland

Irish music is one of the most primal experience of this island in the North Atlantic. In spite of emigration and a well-developed connection to music influences from Britain and the United States, Irish music has kept many of its traditional aspects.


In eight days you can explore all Irelands Lakelands with lakeside villages and very friendly folks. While this is ostensibly a driving route, there are excellent walking and cycling opportunities along the way.

If you drive to Northern Ireland, you can visit Seven Kingdoms of notorious Game of thrones. If you’re a true fan, you will recognize memorable locations from the show, where the wicked Lannisters, honorable Starks and all the rest play out their parts.

June – Greece

Did you know that Greece has 6.000 islands? Sure, only 227 of those are inhabited, but boy do they give you some value for your money.


Santorini is one of the most beautiful, Kos is ideal for a road trip, Crete is perfect for history lovers, Rhodes or Corfu are perfect for a family vacation, and Mykonos or Ios for those that just want to party all night long.

 Greece is one of the most affordable places to visit. Regardless if you’ll visit it by plane or ship, the travel wont cost you a lot. And once you’re there it only gets cheaper and more affordable.

July – Iceland

In a week, it is possible to see the best of Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, and also take in some sights further afield. June or July is ideal time to visit to experience extreme daylight.


In these months the sun rises at 3 AM and sets just before midnight. However, if you wish Iceland to see the Northern light (and who doesn't, right?) the spring is not the best time to do this, because the skies are just too light for the human eye to see the show.

If the aurora is your main focus of the trip to Iceland, you have to visit it in January, February or March, but then you won't see as much of other natural beauty that this amazing land has to offer.

August – Spain

Aaaah, the country with 300 sunny days a year, and more than 5,000 miles of coastline, that is renowned for its 573 beautiful beaches. No wonder that around 85% of all visitors choose the coastal areas to enjoy their holiday vacation.


Yet beaches are not all that Spain has to offer. Spain is Europe's second most mountainous country, after Switzerland, and it actually has true Egyptian temples, which you can visit. Besides, it offers you a dining experience that many will envy you. Casa Botín is the world's oldest restaurant in the World. The place is open since 1725 and you can bet it has seen it all. Yes, even the painter Goya worked there as a waiter.

September – UK

The United Kingdom is a country with a true style, Britishly posh, but extremely friendly, and accepting. Autumn colours give Britain specific excellence.

The National Arboretum is just lovely at this time of the year, giving you everything from oaks to cherries, birches, and limes, so the Japanese maples can truly stand out with their red colour. If you’re there in September or October, go visit Castell Coch in Wales, which is known as the “red castle” just because of the red and golden trees surrounding it. A must-see location in this time is also Sheffield Park, home of four lakes and sublime flora. Best colours of Exbury Gardens are marvelous in late September and October, and the same applies to Stourhead in Wiltshire.

Besides, autumn is the perfect time for shopping and lounging in cafés, and peacefully enjoy all of the local pubs, because is not too packed, and not too hot.


October – Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations for sure. The golden gem of the world, known for its spiritual context, and wild nature. Bangkok in an incomprehensible city, and the islands offer you true relaxation.


Go. Explore. Try to get all in and then dream of going back there. If you have been to Thailand already, now is the perfect time to revisit, so you can be bolder with your itinerary this time. Go to the jungle, eat on the streets, talk to people in float markets. Rent a boat and see the floating Venice by yourself, go elephant trekking at Mahawangchang Elephant Camp, have a true Thai massage every day, rent a car or Vespa, and drive like locals do. You only live once. Thailand is one of the few places, where you can really get loose and go crazy.


November – Mauritius

November and December are the last months that you can enjoy the cool, dry and sunny weather of Mauritius. This little island is the place where luxury can be pretty affordable.


Many water sport options, world-class spas, finest golf courses and gourmet cuisine make it hard to leave the hotel, but Mauritius has plenty to see and do - from French colonial houses and imaginative animal parks to nature walks, quad biking, zip-lining and horse riding. Mauritius is a well-known destination for couples and newlyweds, but there is quite a few family-friendly hotels and resort.

December – Where do you want to say Happy New Year?

First you have to answer yourself one thing. Do you prefer to be the first or the best? Because that's what it's all about. Enjoying some tropics, Kiribati Islands, Australia, New Zealand, China or Japan can enable you to step into the new year before many nations, but places like London, Paris, New York or Dubai can give you fireworks and multicultural experience like no one else.

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