Autumn travelling season begins NOW!

As the leaves start turning brown, you might find yourself restless remembering your summer adventures. There is nothing to worry about – at Vehicle Rent we have selected some incredible destinations that will make you forget about chilly autumn mornings.

Endless summer While most cities are turning into grey, foggy concrete jungles, others are bustling with colourful, sunny markets that will seduce you with its delicious food and mysterious items. Whether you are looking for a quiet escape in the nature or a cultural adventure, these places have it all. Drive your rented vehicle to find remote beaches, ancient ruins and delightful local restaurants for unforgettable holidays.

With the average temperature of 19°C in the winter and 23° in the summer, the Canary Islands have one of the most hospitable climates in the world. You can choose from seven islands that offer a variety of activities, ranging from scuba diving and climbing to golf and camel excursions. There are airports on all seven islands besides several ferry companies that operate between the islands as well as connecting Canaries to the mainland. With the easy accessibility, the choice is yours. Whether you rent your car on the mainland or pick it up from the airport upon your arrival, the rented vehicle gives you the opportunity to fully experience Canary Island’s pearls – sandy beaches, crystal clear water and starry nights.

This Italian island lies on the geopolitical crossroad of Europe, Africa and Asia, which is evident in its diverse cultural heritage. With its warm Mediterranean climate it makes a perfect late holidays destination for exploring ancient civilizations that shaped the Western culture. Sicily is well connected to the mainland with several airports and ferry routs in all major cities. Your best option, regarding time and money saving, is to fly to its capital Palermo, where your rented vehicle will be waiting at your desired location. You are then ready to park your hired car at the base of the living volcano Mount Etna, drive to “the Valley of Temples” Agrigento, or take a scenic route SS 188 to Marsala, the wine region with a vivid landscape and a lively atmosphere in this time of the year. But be sure to park your rented car safely before the wine sampling.

For an enchanting oriental experience Morocco is the perfect destination. Its role as one of the most important trading cities over the centuries has brought it a unique mixture of cultures. Numerous airports offer you the freedom to choose the starting point of your adventure. The car you hired will be waiting upon your arrival as will Moroccan mysteries to be discovered. Renting an SUV gives you the opportunity to drive to high Atlas Mountains and enjoy spectacular sights like Todra Gorge. But even with a smaller rented vehicle you will not miss out on much. Amazing Moroccan architecture, its lively markets and delicious cuisine will keep you entertained for the whole time of your stay. Rainbow Forests For those who are fascinated by the delights of autumn, its vivid colours and savoury fruits, we suggest a couple of locations that will satisfy your passion.

Although Scotland is not known for its warm weather, the temperatures there can be quite enjoyable in the early autumn months. Either way the sight of vast forests turning fiery orange and red, makes up for any kind of weather. Rent your preferable vehicle, drive up to a comfortable countryside cottage and enjoy day trips to the magical Scottish nature. Make the best out of your rented car and drive to Scotland’s numerous lakes to try out your fishing skills or improve your knowledge of golf. With majority of tourists gone, cities regain its local atmosphere, giving you a unique opportunity to see the everyday life of locals while enjoying historical and cultural monuments.

Lithuania might seem as an odd choice for an autumn holiday destination but its vast forests and lakes make a breath taking sight this time of the year. Amber leaves reflect on the lake’s surface, making it appear like lakes of gold. We suggest you rent a car in Vilnius, and spend a few days exploring the city, since it becomes vibrant with different events like festivals, markets and concerts this time of the year. To fully experience Lithuania’s beautiful nature, take a trip with your rented vehicle to the Baltic coast and enjoy a day on the beach. Those, interested in history can visit the Gruntas Park, full of Socialist statues from former socialist Lithuania.

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