European best destinations 2015

European countries are all very much proud of their rich culture and what is most remarkable how one country differs from the other, even though geographically they are not distant at all. If you still have no plans for 2015 and seek a good idea which city to visit we have a solution for you.

European best destinations has chosen the best 2015 cities in Europe that you just have to visit. Starting with Bordeaux, France located on the western coast of France awaits you. It is a vibrant city, most known for its quality wine, UNESCO World Heritage sites. Even more, it has the best gourmet restaurants, beautiful nature and rich historical background. This beautiful city awaits you.

Next one is Lisbon, Portugal's capital. The city is known as the sunniest capital you can find, with a unique architectural signature and good party venues. You will not regret your travel to this European jewel!

Another eternal city that you cannot miss out on is Athens in Greece. The historical meaning of this city is known to everyone, the city is packed with monuments and museums, but it offers other types of entertainment too, like nature activities and fun night life. In Athens, you have the biggest variety of activities.

Valletta in Malta is another beautiful city worth your pennies. It's unique architecture, sunny days and beautiful beaches will simply make you fall in with.

To move more to the northern part of the continent, Riga the capital of Latvia awaits you. This city will amaze you with different architectural styles, breath-taking skyline and warmest people you will feel very completely comfortable in this modern city.

Zagreb Croatia is next for a perfect little getaway. The Croatian capital is known for rich cultural and art scene, charming cafes and beautiful architecture. Lively, yet soothing the city will welcome you.

It's neighbor Slovenia with its capital Ljubljana, steps it up a notch. With the most romantic city center, cultural and historical sites and kind people, the city is small and that allows it keep it's charming character.

Next in line Innsbruck, Austria. This city is one of the loveliest cities in Austria, very proud of its dreamy mountainous surroundings. History, culture, sports and good food all combined in this perfect venue.

Even if you are not a fashion fan, Milan will not let you down. Its immense architecture, rich culture and multicultural vibe, it is one of the most unique cities in Europe you have to visit. Do some shopping while you're there or see an art exhibition, it's a must.

And the last champion on the list is Brussels Belgium. The European capital awaits you with its unique lively atmosphere. From most visionary architecture to traditional buildings the city combines progress and history, knowledge and entertainment, there's much more to it than mere politics.

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