5 Reasons why you should go to Florida this year

1. Miami - is a city that is constantly evolving and is really packed with people who want to have a good time in a sense of culinary scene or even art. Of course their night life is something you have to experience. 


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2. Ft. Lauderdale - if you want to relax in a beautiful environment with sounds of nature, then you should visit this place becaue its just that.

ft. lauderdale

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3. Tampa - if you like to experience animal adventures, then you should visit aquarium, park zoo, adventure island or maybe dinousaur world.


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4. Orlando - if you like theme parks, this is the place to go. You have legoland, harry potter to disneyland.

disney world

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5. Key west - A place where you can feel the most exotice in america. You will think you are on soem caribbean island or in mexico. You have to see the sunset there since it really is unforgetable experience.

key west

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