12 #Bucketlist Travel Destinations


12 #Bucketlist Travel Destinations

Life is to short not to visit places that are far and away. Although »there is no place like home,« exploring the world is a great way to expand your horizons. Because we are sure that every day is a good day to travel, we collected 12 top destinations that you just have to visit before you kick the bucket.

12 travel destinations for 12 months of the year. Here we go!

January – New Zealand

If you never thought to go »down under«, think again, because it should be on every traveller’s bucket list. New Zealand is a magical place, with exquisite nature, joyful people and for sure it’s one of the best destinations for families that are looking for some family fun. From mini golf to mazes, hot air ballooning to hot pools, there’s plenty for the whole family to experience together.

Couples or lonely rangers will enjoy really good food, shopping trips and partying, or you can go hiking, camping, mountain biking, whale watching, or pampering in one of the many luxury resorts.

Cape Rienga, New Zealand The Water Cycle Cathedral Cove

February – Thailand

Thailand is an amazing vacation destination. Although it’s always better to visit, if you have weeks to travel, you’ll also get plenty out of your visit if you come for just a week. When in Thailand nothing is like you were use to. Everything is different – even train ride, club partying, eating breakfast in everyday food stand or visiting a market. Thailand has not only unusual cultural habits; it also has alien smells, surreal colours, incomparable humidity of the atmosphere and simplicity or spiciness of its dishes.

Read more about Thailand »

Sunset - Ko Lanta / Thailand World Aids Day, Pattaya, Thailand. Thailand - Khao Lak - Beach Resort

March – Galapagos

Galápagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean and they offer one of the biggest divers in plant and animal species. This is the place where Charles Darwin found his inspiration for his great theory of species. No matter if you are alone, in love and you are looking for some romantic escape, or a family that is looking for some fun, Galapagos will not leave you indifferent.

One of the most famous places there is Galapagos Beach at Tortuga Bay, where you can find turtles, iguanas, sea lions, and magnificent birds.

galapagos Baby Sea Lion, Isla Mosquera, Galápagos

April – Santorini

Yes, you know it. This is the island of blue and white, romantic views and great food. Santorini is considered to be one of the most romantic places in Greece and for sure is one of the most beautiful locations around the world. No matter if you are a foodie, photographer or just a couple that is looking for some sun and sea, Santorini is made for you.

Santorini Santorini greek traditional cuisine Santorini Ντοματοκεφτέδες Σαντορίνης... A House of Imerovigli

May – Marrakech

This year Marrakech has been voted fort he best travel destination by TripAdvisor users. In May Marrakech is as vibrant as it can gest. Markets are full of tourists, long sunny days give you a lot of time to explore or just enjoy around the hotel pool, but the real fun starts at night. At tourist places you will find traditional evening entertainment in the form of cafés, bars, nightclubs, food stalls and street entertainment. Even though Marrakech is an Islamic country, at popular tourist bars and in nightclubs drinking alcohol is not a problem.

If you like to drive, we suggest you to hire a car and explore the whole Morocco, because it is beautiful. Strong mountains, endless desert and rough coastline gives you a lot of opportunities to explore, but be sure to take some time for Moroccan architecture and culture.

Kasbah Market Marrakech Marrakech March 2014 Marrakech Museum - Sept 2014 - 04 Djemaa el Fna Sunset

June – Provence

If you visit Provence , you want to se those amazing lavender fields, right? Yup! We thought so. If you wish to see lavender or sunflower fields in full bloom, you have to be there in summer so in June, July or august. The end of June or middle of July is a great time to be there, if you want to catch that purple amazingness.

Lavendel Simiane-la-Rotonde

July – Bali

Do you remember that even as young children we knew how cool is Bali? When we got older we just learned that the whole Indonesia is pretty fine. But Bali is still a subject of daydreams of many adults. Magical beaches, beautiful temples and amazing mountains are just the thing human being needs – no matter in which part of ones life.

The weather in Bali in July is perfect! The average temperature for this month is 27°C (80°F), the average low is 22°C (80°F), and the average high is 31°C (88°F). The average sea temperature in this time is 27°C (81°F).

sunset XVII (Bali) Bali | Indonesia Bali Hut Sunset

August – Spain (Andalusia)

There is no place as Andalusia, Spain. The whole vibe of it is as a poem of Federico García Lorca (Cordoba). There is no coincidence, that Cordoba represents the goal, the unreachable, a wish.

Andalusia will enchant you with its many beaches, Islamic architecture, masculine matadors, magnificent festivals, and traditional flamenco events.

Foodies and vine lovers will be able to book a foodie tour and try all the different tapas and vines that are one of the best in Europe.

Córdoba Spanish table and chair #Nerja # Andalusia #dailyshoot 365 Feria del Caballo - Jerez Horse Fair El Faro de Trafalgar

September – Zambia

Although most people fantasise about dreamy islands and busy capitals of large countries, Africa offers a lot more that you might think. In Africa is hidden the path to your soul, to the realisation what is really important.

Zambia is a country located in the south of Africa – close to Tanzania and Congo. There you can truly explore and admire wilderness.

If you visit Zambia, you have to visit Victoria Falls, go for the Rafting Adventure on Zambezi River, visit Kafue National Park, which is one of the biggest in the world. If those lions and elephants wont be enough for you, we suggest you book a safari trip, since august is a perfect time to do that.

In august dry season begins, so climate is nicer because of low humidity, nature is stunning and is great for taking picture, but Victoria Falls are still reach in that time. Just don’t hesitate with your trip. The end of July or beginning of august is perfect time to do this.

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia IMG_4295 Watching another vehicle approach Top of Victoria Falls

October – Egypt

Forget about October rain and find some summer in Egypt , where temperatures are starting to drop and it’s not blazing hot like in August or the beginning of September anymore. Aswan in Egypt is considered one of the sunniest and hottest cities in the World. If you are there, you have to see old ruins, monasteries and most importantly Nubian museum that is Trip Advisor Traveller’s choice 2015 Winner.

If you are searching for some sunny holiday destination right now, see our guide to sunny destinations for every month of the year »

Cairo, Egypt Egypt-12B-046 - Step Pyramid Complex Egypt-10B-007 - A Must See in Egypt - was my highlight

November – Costa Rica

Maybe you don’t know yet, but you will fall in love with this country, its green lagoons, fresh waterfalls, wild animals, and white sandy beaches. Yes, this place is so gorgeous you will forget that is a home to many volcanoes…

Best time to visit this magical place is late November or December, because this is the dry season in Costa Rica .

HDR Sunset, Costa Rica Costa Rica... No artificial ingredients! Golden sunrise in Cahuita, Costa Rica Atardecer de un dia agitado

December – Bruges in Belgium for Christmas and NYC for New Years Eve

December is fun month to travel, because it’s the time when people become more relaxed and jolly. But still there are better places than others. One of the more charming cities to visit for Christmas time is Bruges in Belgium that looks like a place from a fairy-tale.

The end of the year is time for big celebration and what better place for that is Big Apple? Maybe you will say that visiting New York City in December is kitschy, but the truth is, that is worth it.

Markt on Christmas New Years Celebration in Times Square

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